Helping with homework

The children work extremely hard in school and we do not want them to complete huge amounts of extra work at home as this may dishearten them and turn them into reluctant learners. However, we are also aware that parents sometimes want to know how best they can support their child's school learning when completing activities at home. In Key Stage 1, homework is emailed home to parents. If you have any other practical ideas to support learning which you and your child have enjoyed, please let your child's class teacher know.

Children are encouraged to read at home which we believe is relaxing and enjoyable for the children - and fun for parents/carers. Maths and spelling homework is set in Years 1 and 2 and children may be asked to collect information through their own research.

A curriculum information sheet is issued half-termly outlining topics to be covered and giving parents/carers suggestions for helping their child.


Reports on Progress

Consultation evenings are held each term for parents/carers to visit the school and discuss their child’s progress with the class teacher. A written progress report is also sent out annually to all parents/carers.