Gifted and Talented

We consider that we are working with young children whose gifts and talents are still emerging. It is therefore vital that children’s thinking skills and creativity are valued and recognized.

In line with our aim of developing the whole child and valuing each child as an individual we believe that it is important to recognise a wide range of gifts and talents within the children at our school. We acknowledge that the gifted and talented are a diverse group and their range of attainment can be varied.

Being gifted and talented covers much more than the ability to succeed in tests and examinations. We believe that children can excel in a wide range of skills and abilities and that these should not be confined to the purely academic.

It is important to recognise that not all gifted and talented learners are obvious achievers. Many actually underachieve – their potential is masked by factors such as frustration, low self-esteem, lack of challenge or low teacher/parent expectations. Others underachieve because they have learning disabilities that obscure or eclipse their gifts or talents. To enable these children and young people to fulfill their potential, it is vital to give everyone the opportunity to excel.

High expectations and careful differentiation, as identified by our School Aims and our Teaching and Learning Policy, are fundamental to meeting the needs of our gifted and talented pupils.

However, we also use Special Days and Weeks to offer extra opportunity for children to explore using facts and skills already acquired for solving problems requiring more sophisticated modes of thought. Activities on these occasions should particularly provide for open-ended outcomes within each child’s ability and disposition. These Special Days and Weeks may focus on one subject area to provide opportunities to explore ideas in greater depth or detail, or whole school cross curricular themes will provide particular interest and motivation.