Governors Maintenance Fund

As a Voluntary Aided Church School, the Governors have responsibility for the running of the School, the appointment and support of staff and the upholding of its Christian atmosphere and influence.  This has a number of advantages for our pupils. It allows us more freedom to set the moral, ethical and religious tone of the school to allow our children to thrive. However, it also does mean that certain elements of the school’s finances are not met by government funds, for example certain types of repairs to the buildings.

The school building itself is owned by the church and the cost of repairs and some capital projects have to be raised by the governors.  The Department of Education makes a grant of 90% towards these costs but this means that each year the governors have to make a contribution towards the Diocesan Maintenance Fund to make up the difference.

The Governors are suggesting a contribution of £42 to meet these costs. Despite rising costs and because of careful management this figure has remained unchanged for the last 6 years. Any shortfall in contributions has to be met from other funds currently allocated to education within the school.

This is a purely voluntary contribution but is very much appreciated as otherwise the amount has to be found from other school funds, thereby diverting money which could otherwise be spent more directly on the children.

You will have received a letter from Mr David Walsh, our Chair of Governors, explaining this in more detail and enclosing a Gift Aid form so that we can also reclaim the tax on any payments that you may make.

Please click here for the Governors' Maintenance letter 

and here for the gift aid form