Key Policies

Below you can download copies of our latest key policies:

Access-Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions

Administration of Medication in School

Anti-Bullying Policy 2018

Attendance Policy September 2017

Behaviour Policy 2018

Charging and Remissions Policy 2018

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy 2018

Complaints Policy -September 2017

Complaints Procedures- September 2017

Collective Worship Policy 2018

Confidentiality Policy 2016

Cursive Handwriting Policy 2018

Data Protection Policy 2018

Disability Equality Action Plan 2017 with updates

Disability Equality Action Plan 2018

E-Safety policy 2018

Equality Policy 2018

Equality scheme 2018-19

Early Years Foundation Stage Policy 2018

Food Policy 2018

Forest School Policy 2016

Freedom of Information Publication Scheme March 2017

Gifted and Talented Policy 2017

General Guidance for Helpers In School September 2018

Guidance for Volunteer Walkers 2018

Health, Safety and Welfare Policy 2018

Home School Agreement and Homework Policy 2018

Inclusion Policy 2017

Intimate Care and Toileting Guidance for Early Years settings and Schools

Lettings Policy - December 2018

Marking and Feedback Policy 2017

Privacy Notice - Parents, Carers and Family Members

Privacy Notice - Pupils

Privacy Notice - Staff

Religious Education Policy 2018

Sex and Relationship Policy 2018

Speaking Out Policy 2018

Special Educational Needs and Disability Policy 2018

Staff Behaviour Policy 2018

Staying Safe - Cross Curricular Map 2018-19

Sun Safety Policy 2017

Teaching & Learning Policy 2018

Touch and the Use of Physical Intervention Policy 2018

Use of Photographic Images Policy 2018


 If a parent would like a paper copy of any of the above policies, please contact the school office.